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This is CPS Conpac Port Service
Conpac Port Service has operated a container packing station at the Port of Hamburg since 2009, but our roots go back to the 1980s. At our company premises on Indiastrasse 5, we combine our experience with state-of-the-art technology. For instance to document goods clearance or to notify customers automatically of inbound or outbound freight. At CPS, we focus on services relating to the loading of goods for full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL) and the transport of hazardous goods. This applies to both imports and exports, also combined with accompanying services such as seaworthy packing, intermediate storage or customs clearance.

A passion for logistics – the history of CPS Conpac Port Service GmbH

Gründung der Conpac Umschlag und Lagerei GmbH
Das Unternehmen in seiner früheren Form wurde im Jahr 1988 mit Standorten am Ellerholzdamm und in der Schilfstraße gegründet.
Die Neugründung der Pack- und Lagerstation erfolgte unter der heutigen Firmierung CPS – Conpac Port Service GmbH. Als Unternehmensstandort fungierte zunächst die Buchheisterstraße 12.
Umzug an den neuen Unternehmensstandort
Im Jahr 2013 zog das Team von CPS in neue Räumlichkeiten an, seither befindet sich der Unternehmensstandort in der Indiastraße 5.

Our mission statement – Conpac does more than just packing containers!

There are plenty of reasons for optimising use of the space in containers. Transport is cheaper for individual customers if more goods fit into a single container. In addition, inadequate use of the cargo hold space wastes valuable resources. It is also worth noting that a sophisticated packing strategy brings additional security. We do more than just pack containers; we also plan, organise, advise and negotiate entirely in the interests of our customers. Our experts are genuine strategists for the optimised preparation of goods for their journey.
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Treating people and resources respectfully

We are aware of the value of the goods placed in our hands and treat them with respect. Respect also defines how we approach our staff and you as our customers. Finally, we place an emphasis on the use of resources inherent to commodity trading and how it can be limited in a meaningful way.

We are moving towards sustainability one step at a time

As a company belonging to the vast logistics complex at the Port of Hamburg, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Our refusal to waste even a centimetre of container space is just one of the relevant factors. Here at CPS, we put plans into action to reduce our consumption in many areas for each item we pack. Included in these measures are the widespread deployment of electric forklifts to load goods, along with the plans for a gradual conversion of our lighting to LED and the consistent optimisation of waste disposal at our premises. Reducing the consumption of paper and other resources with our modern warehouse management system is another key factor in the bigger picture. Namely to take the right steps for the future of our Earth.
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