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Your hazardous goods in safe hands
There is a sizeable number of goods and substances which, due to their nature or composition, must not come into contact with other goods. These hazardous goods are assigned to different classes and have a particular significance in logistics. Special laws and regulations apply to hazardous goods logistics to guarantee the safety of all people and goods. Besides separate storage at the terminal, the cargo must be packed in accordance with the guidelines and special attention must be paid to container handling. We operate a hazardous goods warehouse with extensive equipment at the Conpac Port Service premises – and would be happy to advise on our services for freight forwarders and companies. Your hazardous goods are in safe hands with us!

Expert intermediate storage of your hazardous goods in Hamburg

The CPS container terminal is specialised in the handling of hazardous goods containers. We are familiar with the complex steps required for the safe handling and transport of goods and have extensive knowledge of hazardous goods law. Our hazardous goods warehouse covers 2,200 m² at the terminal and was built according to the requirements of the Federal Immission Control Act. We also hold a permit for the storage of water-polluting substances as well as a CO₂ extinguishing system for flammable liquids.

These hazardous goods can be placed in intermediate storage at the CPS terminal in Hamburg

Our terminal on Indiastrasse 5 complies with the requirements for intermediate storage of hazardous goods in classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 as well as 8 and 9. They are:
cps gefahrengueter klasse 2
Class 2: Gases
cps gefahrengueter klasse 3
Class 3: Flammable liquids
cps gefahrengueter klasse 4
Class 4: Flammable solids
cps gefahrengueter klasse 5
Class 5: Oxidising substances
cps gefahrengueter klasse 6
Class 6: Toxic & infectious substances
cps gefahrengueter klasse 8
Class 8: Corrosives
cps gefahrengueter klasse 9
Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances
Keeping people and the environment safe with logistics
From individual items of general cargo to containers – our logistics specialists proceed with the utmost care when handling our customers’ hazardous goods!
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