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Packing services and container loading at the Port of Hamburg

Sea freight is among the most important means of transport in goods trading; no other freight method is as efficient and globally organised. CPS Conpac Port Service GmbH is your primary contact for packing services and container loads at the Port of Hamburg, Europe’s second largest facility of this kind. We mainly look after your FCL and LCL consignments. The designation ‘full container load’ means loading a container with goods from a single provider. In contrast, ‘less than full container’ is used to describe consolidated goods from different companies that are grouped together. We apply efficient logistics solutions on behalf of our customers, because the optimised use of container volume saves resources and costs.
Import services
Export services

Import services in container transport

The arrival of container loads at our terminal triggers a timed sequence of processes in order to transfer the freight to the carrier as quickly as possible.
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Unloading import containers

Our experienced team and extensive equipment ensure that your goods are unloaded safely. From electric pallet trucks to various forklift models and reach stackers – our fleet can transport general cargo and even out of gauge containers. In doing so, we check your consignment for damage and notify you of the incoming goods.
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Intermediate storage of imported goods

Our 11,000 m² of warehouse space enable the intermediate storage of our customers’ freight in an orderly facility before it is transferred to the forwarder for outbound transport. CC-TV, remote monitoring and access control protect all of our halls and ramps. SHEVS and fire alarms provide additional safety.
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Truck loads

Organisation, speed and attention to detail are among the core competencies required for the fast loading of trucks for further transport on the mainland. Our employees use 16 ramp bays to load our customers’ sea freight.
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Customs clearance

As an integral part of the import procedures, we make sure that all customs formalities for sea freight are correctly adhered to. Although less than full load containers come with cost advantages, one difference to full container loading is that each groupage must be cleared individually under customs law. Clearance of the whole load usually takes less time.
Importing containers the easy way with CPS!
Less than full load and full container loads both come with specific advantages, but the choice is not always yours as a customer. We offer detailed advice on your options and explain the differences.
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Export services for FCL and LCL

Full container loads and consolidated cargo both require observance of strict procedures when preparing for export. Our transport services for customers include:
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Truck unloading

Forwarders bring sea freight goods from the customer to our CPS terminal. Our fleet of electric forklifts – as well as the option of side discharge or crane deployment – enable efficient unloading processes. We keep waiting times for drivers as short as possible, as our team is able to unload 16 trucks simultaneously.
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Intermediate storage

Whether we are storing general cargo, a variety of pallets or hazardous goods – Conpac Port Service warehouses have sufficient space to store your goods safely before they are packed for export in a full or less than full container load. Our storage units are digitised, which enables our staff to access all goods in no time at all.
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Loading export containers

Goods from only one single customer are packed and sealed in full container loads (FCL) – and the container may only be opened at its destination. When dealing with less than full containers, we attempt to accommodate as many general cargo consignments as possible with the same destination.
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Seaworthy packing

Freight forwarders bring us all kinds of export goods for sea transport. Compared to trucks, though, the requirements to be fulfilled when packaging for transport by seagoing vessel differ greatly. Seaworthy packing must be able to withstand the movements of the load and the adverse conditions during ocean transport. This is why we pack your FCL and LCL cargo according to ISPM 15 and based on the HPE standard, besides using a variety of preservation methods.
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Customs clearance

We are an authorised consignee for fulfilment of the customs and tax formalities for FCL and LCL sea freight and are authorised to accept goods under the T1, T2 and TIR carnet transit procedures. Your goods are cleared by us in a type C bonded warehouse.
Smooth FCL and LCL container export with CPS
Conpac Port Service is your partner for exporting FCL and LCL containers from Hamburg. We know the needs of our customers and the particular features of the load – contact us for detailed information!
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